Ice wine Harvest at Castell Winery, Germany

Our colleagues at the Castell winery in Germany harvested a few rows of ice wine under perfect conditions.

A fascinating movie was made by a drone in the early morning, in chilly conditions. Here is a link to this movie:



Magnums at WPS

Limited quantities (3-12 bottles per wine) of special formats are available. Please Email us at to enquire on availability.

Why oftentimes a wine tastes better from a Magnum? It is not an illusion, there can be three different reasons why this is the case:
1) AGING: wines age better (slower) in a larger size bottles, hence it tastes usually fresher/less aged;
2) LOTS: If there are different lots of wine available (for instance, 5 small barrels), the BEST lot will always go into the Magnums, the other lots will be blended and pumped into normal bottles..
3) BOTTLING: The wine is treated more gently while bottling - typically, the odd-sized bottles are filled manually, and corked by hand, rather than pumped through a long tube into a bottling machine!


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