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Bacchus SCHLOSS CASTELL 2020 (Bocksbeutel, dry white) NEW VINTAGE
A unique Franconian grape, fresh, grassy dry white wine - quality-driven, great value everyday white..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
Chardonnay 2020
This Chardonnay has delicate fruity aromas and a dry finish. It tastes fresh and lively with hints o..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
Patrimonio BLANC 2020 (dry white, 100% Vermentinu grapes)
Appearance: clear, very light-yellow color Nose: very elegant, fine, and complex mixing white flo..
Ex Tax: SGD55.00
Patrimonio ROSE 2020 (dry rose, 100% Niellucciu grapes)
Colour: clear, brilliant clean rose-coloured Nose: elegant and fresh, both floral and fruity. ..
Ex Tax: SGD42.00
Pinot Bianco MORIZ 2020
A rich and creamy Pinot Blanc, with bright acidity! Perfect food companion. Vineyards: Moriz Pino..
Ex Tax: SGD39.00
Pinot Blanc Dry 2016 KIRCHBERG (Weissburgunder, Bocksbeutel)
A refined crisp Burgundy-style Pinot Blanc, single vineyard selection, very dry and partially mature..
Ex Tax: SGD39.00
Pinot Grigio CORTE MAJOLI 2020
Fruity, classic medium-body Pinot Grigio – great everyday white!   Grapes Pinot Grigio..
Ex Tax: SGD30.00
Pinot Grigio UNTEREBNER 2019
Unterebner Pinot grigio was launched in 1989 as a symbol of Cantina Tramin’s pursuit of excellence. ..
Ex Tax: SGD49.00
Riesling Dry HOHNART 2019 (Bocksbeutel)
This single-vineyard Riesling is elegant, has a bouquet of tropical fruits and carries a lovely mine..
Ex Tax: SGD42.00
Riesling SCHLOSS CASTELL 2020 (Bocksbeutel, dry white)
The SCHLOSS CASTELL Riesling 2020 comes from the best terroir of Castell and represent local quality..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
Roero Arneis 2020 NEW VINTAGE - FRESH & CRISP!
The Arneis grape is autochthon to northern Piedmont, and makes some of the most enjoyable white wine..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
Sauvignon Blanc 2020
Fresh, tangy and easy to drink Sauvignon! A glass of true Alpine terroir. Vineyards: The grapes c..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
Silvaner Dry 2017 Barrique APRILES ANNO 1659
A unique expression of Silvaner, carefully aged in Barriques, modern and very dry (1.2 g/L residual ..
Ex Tax: SGD59.00
Silvaner Dry 2019 HOHNART (Bocksbeutel)
http://singapore-newspaper.com/singapore-international-competition-result-2018/ The 2016 Hohn..
Ex Tax: SGD44.00
Silvaner Dry 2020 CASTELL-CASTELL (1 litre bottle)
A straightforward, light and fruity version of Silvaner - quality-driven, great value everyday white..
Ex Tax: SGD35.00
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