testSpielmann-Schindler (Pfalz, Germany)

The “Pfalz” (Palatinate) region has a long tradition extending back to the Romans, a unique geography (the wine-growing zone is 85 kilometres long and just a few kilometres wide), an exceptional market importance (every third bottle of wine consumed in Germany originates from this large wine region!), and a very mild climate (in some years the amount of sunshine exceeds more than 2,000 hours). With about 23,000 hectares, Palatinate is the second largest wine-growing region in Germany. Above all, the Palatinate region is the “Riesling country“ par excellence, here one can find some of the most sought-after Rieslings of Germany, and with more than 5,000 hectares it is one of the largest coherent Riesling growing areas in the world.

Spielmann-Schindler winery is a small, family-run operation that makes excellent wines with passion and commitment. The family winery with modern management produces about 60,000 bottles of wine, which are sold directly from the winery to walk-in customers, and distributed mainly within Germany. WPS represents the only distributor of Spielmann-Schindler wines in Asia.

The Spielmann-Schindler family has a proud history of 5 generations of winemaking in the Palatinate. In 1997, Stephan Schindler with 19 years of education and training for viticulture technician took over the business from his father and his grandfather, and continuously increased the quality of the wines by consistent work in the vineyard and cellar the.
Since 2007, Maren Schindler joined the family and the wine making business, she also comes from a winemaking family and completed her education with a degree of diploma in viticulture. Maren and Stephan Schindler are a young couple, and while Stephan takes care of the vines and the wine, Maren is in charge of customers, sales, and their two young children.

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Rieslaner Auslese 2009 (0.5 Liter)
Rieslaner is a cross of Silvaner and Riesling that was first bred in Veitshöcheim, Franken/Bavaria, ..
Ex Tax: SGD33.00
Rieslaner Beerenauslese 2011 (0.375 Liter)
Rieslaner is a cross of Silvaner and Riesling that was first bred in Veitshöcheim, Franken/Bavaria, ..
Ex Tax: SGD61.00
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