testChristian Ziegler (Franken/Bavaria, Germany)

The Ziegler winery (Franken/Bavaria, Germany) is run by Christian and Silvia Ziegler. The winery is located in Stammheim, near Wuerzburg, a region famous for its whiter wine, especially Silvaner. The winery does not export the wines internationally, but via a personal connection we import Ziegler wines since 2006 to Singapore.

View from the Eselsberg down to Stammheim and the Main river.

The Silvaner grape

Bavarian beer is very popular all over the world, but the high quality of Bavarian wine is still not known outside Europe. The reason may be that most of this wine is produced in low quantities and is readily consumed within the wine-growing region. Recently, however, wines from Bavaria (specifically, the “Franken” region) made news when they topped the ranks in many wine competitions in Europe, especially in the area of dry white wines (Silvaner, Riesling) and desert wines.

Surprisingly, the history of Bavarian wine is very old and closely linked to the rise of Benedictine monasteries in Bavaria as far back as in the 8th century. It is also forgotten that in middle age around the 15th century, the largest wine growing area in the whole of Europe was in northern Bavaria, boasting 40,000 hectares of vineyards. The Silvaner grape is an underestimated and rare grape variety found in Bavaria, Switzerland, Austria, and Alsace (France). Interestingly, most benchmark wines from northern Bavaria are made from Silvaner, as Silvaner grows exceptionally well in the warm Main river valley, where the shell limestone ground produces a very hearty and tasty wine from this unusual grape.

The taste of Silvaner can be best described as very fruity, hearty, and light on the palate. Silvaner is very easy to drink, and its structure and taste is somewhat comparable to the Sauvignon Blanc - Silvaner being comparatively more fruity, lighter in alcohol (11% - 12.5% for Ziegler Silvaner), and less astringent. Ziegler Silvaner Spaetlese has lots of substance, and a  light sweet fruitiness which supports spicy Asian dishes. The Silvaner offered in liter bottles is a great value hoiuse wine, and slightly lighter and dryer.

Silvaner is perfectly made to go with savory food, and the wine matches well with the Asian dishes, Fusion Cuisine, as well as Tapas/Canapés. In Germany, Silvaner is regarded an excellent “summer wine” which explains why it tastes always great in Singapore!

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