testAntonelli (Umbria, Italy)

Antonelli (Umbria, Italy)

NEW WINES in January 2017!

We imported five new wines - plus MAGNUMS and DOUBLE MAGNUMS of the Montefalco Rosso 2012!

Antonelli is a wine and agricultural estate extending over 170 hectares, located centrally within Montefalco's DOCG winemaking area. With a background rich in history, the Antonelli family is committed to caring for their territory and attentive to the quality of their products. The estate has been in the Antonelli family since 1881.

For years Antonelli San Marco relies on research and constantly aims to improve the quality of their wines. The estate style is geared towards authenticity and harmony, drinkability and elegance rather than blunt power. It leans towards gentle extraction and moderate use of wood ageing.

The vinification takes place using gravity, rather than having to make use of pumps which would create a risk to damage the skins of the grapes.This qualitative solution is especially important for the Sagrantino grapes and for their polyphenolic richness, mainly of tannins.

Antonelli is one of the flagship producers of Sagrantino di Montefalco, a rare and relatively unknown wine outside Italy. Sgratino is quite comparable to the big and better-known Piedmontese wines such as Barolo or Barbaresco.

Sagrantino is a variety indigenous to Umbria in central Italy. Sagrantino grapes contain one of the highest tannin concentrations in the world, and the resulting wines are of inky purple with a near-black center. The bouquet of Sagrantino features dark, red fruits with hints of plum, cinnamon and other oriental spices, and earthy notes. The Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG requires 100 percent Sagrantino used, with at least 29 months aging. Top Sagrantinos can age easily for >20 years, similar to Barolos/Barbarescos.

Andreas Maerz, chief editor of the Merum wine magazine (http://www.merum.info/) wrote recently when he rated wines from the Montefalco region:

"There is no second wine of this kind! Next to a Sagrantino, any Super Tuscan fades. This colour, this concentration, this unique load of tannin, no other grape variety has this. To drink a glass of Sagrantino means to fully concentrate on the wine, this wine forces one to 100% attention."

Not surpising to anyone who has tried Antonelli wines, they received numerous awards over the years including 2 and 3 glasses in Gambero Rosso, Slow Wine awards, and . Recently, three Antonelli wines (Contrario, Sgrantino, and Rosso!) were rated with 2 hearts in the Merum wine magazine, confirming the status of this prestigous winery in the Montefalco region.

Update GAMBERO ROSSO 2017:

Baiocco 2015 2 Glasses

Spoleto Trebium 2015 2 Glasses

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Baiocco Rosso Sangiovese 2019
A very pleasant Sangiovese/Merlot blend from Antonelli, this wine is brilliant ruby red in colour wi..
Ex Tax: SGD30.00
Contrario 2017
Contrario represents a new way of interpreting the Sagrantino grape, cultivated and vinified in to o..
Ex Tax: SGD39.00
Sagrantino di Montefalco 2015
This benchmark Sagrantino is made from low-yield grape material (1.4 kg of grapes per plant, handpic..
Ex Tax: SGD59.00
Sagrantino di Montefalco CHIUSA DI PANNONE 2008 OUT OF STOCK
UPDATE JAN 2017: We importe a limited amount of this ultra-selection Sagrantino! The wine comes p..
Ex Tax: SGD69.00
Sagrantino di Montefalco Passito 2015 (SWEET RED, 0.375 L)
The name Sagrantino derives from the Latin, “Sacer”, a holy wine destined for consumption during th..
Ex Tax: SGD49.00