testFattorie Vallona (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

The Colli Bolognesi wine region is a relatively unknown, but highly interesting area for us, in search of well-priced high quality products from small wineries. The style of Vallona wines is shortly described as modern, clean, smooth and well-matched for Asian cuisine due to a unnoticeable well-integrated residual sweetness. In addition to that, Vallona is a small and family-run operation, and their bottles are simply stunning design pieces of art! So we had to take this winery into our portfolio.

The DOC quality production area Colli Bolognesi was created by Presidential Decree in 1975. The decree laid down production norms for four white wines (Sauvignon Bianco, Pinot Bianco, Riesling , Barbera, Merlot). Pignoletto and Cabernet Sauvignon were added to the wines governed by the decree in 1985. The reason why we find a number of “international” grape varieties such as Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc is that geographically and historically, this area in Emilia Romagna is quite close to the French winemaking tradition. In the context of Italian wines, these are rare varieties that found a home in particular areas, and what glorious wines come from this area!

Colli Bolognesi is a beautiful hilly area near the city of Bologna, and yes: Spaghetti Bolognese derived their name from this very region. Beside the well-known historically imported varieties, the indigenous grape is a white one called PIGNOLETTO. The wine has lovely pale yellow colour with greenish tinges and a fruity nose, with hints of hawthorn flowers and a dry, fresh, and persistent palate. Sparkling wines (like our ESSE BRUT) are produced according to the Charmat method, with temperature-controlled second fermentation in tanks. It makes an excellent apéritif, being fruity, elegant and light. It is perfect with Italian-style starters, and it goes well with all types of dishes, but particularly with white meats and young cheeses, which bring out the best in it.

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Maurizion Vallona from Fattorie Vallona writes: “Making wine means taking care of a territory, following it step by step every day. It is a mutual understanding between the nature, which gives us his wealth, and the man, whose task is to understand and respect it. .. We are often asked to do new and amazing wines. A new wine requires time, years of work, not be improvised: it is an important part of our lives. The bottle is the expression of how we intend the wine.”

The Gambero Rosso wine guide, the bible for Italian wines since decades, in agreement with the Merum wine magazine (!) consistently rankes Vallona wine as top of the crop (2-3 glasses). In the 2014 edition, the guide remarked “Maurizio Vallona faithfully interprets the Colli Bolognese zone. In the cellar, his very personal taste give these wines precision, clarity and softness tied to residual sugar.”

We recommend to try all three wines from Vallona with an Asian meal, you will be surprised what great companions wines from Bologna and local Singapore cuisine can become!

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