Balduccio Extra Virgine Olive Oil 2021, 2.5 L Bag in a Box NEW VINTAGE ETA APR 2022

Balduccio Extra Virgine Olive Oil 2021, 2.5 L Bag in a Box NEW VINTAGE ETA APR 2022
Winery: Balduccio, Tuscany (Italy)
Product Code: WPS137
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A grassy and clean typical Tuscan-style oil. Produced from a mix of different olive varieties, with the majority from Leccino which gives rise to a less sharp and more fruity style.


This oil comes in a very practical card-board box, in which a thin aluminium bag holds the oil save from light and oxygen. A super-clean tap makes dispensing the oil easy.


This is a great quality and reasonably priced stock of olive oil, useful for cooking as well as for dressing/salads.


How to store olive oil correctly?

Olive oil, even when filtered and kept in the best possible container (such as the bag-in-a-box) has a relatively short shelve live of 8-16 months.

To maximise this time, we strongly recommend keeping olive oil in a cool place (ideally <20°C). However, depending on the exact chemical composition of the oil, olive oil “freezes” at typical fridge temperature of around 4°C! Therefore, do not place olive oil in the fridge, otherwise the oil will deteriorate due to multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

The ideal place for olive oil is in a wine fridge set at 10-15°C, the second best place is in an airconditioned, cool room (for instance under you bed!).

A note on price, quality and fake olive oil

One requires around 8 kg of very fresh, high-quality olives to generate 1 L of high quality olive oil, which will cost at minimum 1 Euros/kg olives, hence about 13 S$ need to be paid just to purchase the raw ingredient, the olives.

Filtering and pressing the oil will add at least 3-4 S$ to the process, and then you still will need a good packaging and the shipment costs.

Therefore, it is save to say that any olive oil that costs less than 20 $ per liter is either of low quality (commonly, “Italian” extra virgin oils are in fact blends from African, Spanish and other oils!), or adulterated with other oils (typically sunflower oil or hazelnut oil).

Now, you will say “but any olice oil in my supermarket costs less than 20 S$ per liter, right”? The reason is simple.

It is estimated that in supermarkets in the US, 60-90% of all Italian “extra virgin” olive oil is in fact adulterated, a situation that is not much different in Singapore:

In Italy, one pays commonly 15-20 Euros (20-30 S$) for a half liter bottle of true high-quality oil at the source itself.

Consider those calculations and facts, plus the joy you will have over a long time from a good bottle of fresh olive oil!

IMPORTANT: Olive oil should be consumed within 12 months of production; hence we only carry a limited quantity of 2017 vintage oil!

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