Barbera D'Alba Superiore SPECIAL SELECTION 2012

Barbera D'Alba Superiore SPECIAL SELECTION 2012
Winery: Filippo Gallino (Piedmont, Italy)
Product Code: WPS141
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Super-selection Barbera - a rare and unique wine!


What we at WPS like most in Barbera is the soft tannin, as well as the unique fruitiness that often pairs perfectly with Asian food - add to this an Amarone-style over-ripe flavor profile, and quite high alcohol (15.5%), then you can imagine the unique style of our super-selection Barbera.

Filippo was trying how high he can push his quality with a late-harvest, hand-slected grape material from the best plots of old vine Barbera. To me, this is definitely the most impressive Barbera I have tried.

We were lucky to be offered this wine when it was bottleded, but unlabeled, in Fillipo's winery in early 2016. We wanted to bring one bottle back, and Filippo hand-labeled it beautifully. Later on, the winery decided to hand-label all 4,752 bottles of this wine!

This unique jewel of a Barbera is currently only given to selected customers that visit the winery, and exclusively distributed by WPS in Singapore! WE have received the last 120 bottles in 2021.

We have VERY limited quantities, and we managed to get the following bottles sizes:

0.75 L (normal bottle), 69 $

1.5 L (Magnum bottle, wood box), 149 $ VERY FEW LEFT!

3 L (Doule Magnum bottle, wood box), OUT OF STOCK

5 L (Italian Jeroboam, wood box), OUT OF STOCK

View from Gallion winery towards Cisterna D"Asti, Filippo Gallino (middle) during our visit in spring 2016

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